Hi I am Katelyn. I was lucky enough to see One Direction on 3.1.12 as the opening act for Big Time Rush. The concert was at Foxwoods in Connecticut. My sister, my 2 friends and I left school early that day. We headed up to Foxwoods and our plan was to try to find One Direction some how. We didn’t believe that we were going to find them because there were SO many fans in such a BIG place. So my friends mom decided to see if we could get valet parking at the hotel. Normally it is just for guests but we figured it could hurt if we asked. The valet guy said it wasn’t a problem. So me and my friends go through the revolving door to enter the hotel lobby. We were in there for less than a minute and I just hear my sister,Lauren, mumbling the word Niall—na-na-niall! She was crying and all 4 of us were shaking. We were so blown away. We didn’t know what was going on we were in a hotel lobby and there they were just standing there with no fans around them. So we asked for a picture and they said no, they were late  and Liam saw my sister crying her eyes out and pulled her in. He started talking to her and then we got a picture. Before the picture I hugged Liam. Louis dropped his credit card and in his strong British accent he said ‘OOPS I’LL TAKE THAT!’ Harry’s hair was PERFECT and he smelled really good. Now Zayn was not there. He was in England because he had a death in his family. So my friend’s mom was taking the picture and she had some problems with the camera so the boys were making fun of her but it was an amazing experience. Then they had to go do their meet and greet and us 4 were just on our phones tweeting and calling people like what just happened. We were in Shock. So then everyone was coming up to us saying do you know where 1D is and we were like no but we me them and told our story. At the end of the day, I met 4/5 of the boys, hugged Liam and Niall talked to Harry and laughed at Louis AND saw an amazing concert! We also met the boys of Hollywood ending!Then our story of meeting One Direction got published in BOP mag!

Then my second One Direction concert~
Me and the same 3 other girls went to the 5.22.12 concert at Mohegan Sun. Now that place is bigger than Foxwoods and naturally we wanted to meet the boys, all or them this time. So we went through Mohegan, well the parts we could go in and we had no luck.We saw so many Directioners it wasn’t even funny. We went by the main entrance to the arena just waiting and I saw some guys leaving wearing black hoodies and they were officialooking. So we chased them through Mohegan and turns out they were Jon, Dan and Sandy from One Direction’s band. So we got a quick picture. Then the show ended and it was one of the most packed shows I have even been to at  Mohegan and it was insane 100% packed. At the end of the show I met Camryn the opening act for the second time and let with a really loud RINGING in my ear. Now I have tickets to their next CT cocnert on 11.30.12

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I was sitting in my room looking up one direction videos and watching their video diaries when I read an article that said that 1D were coming to CT and were opening up for btr! I was so excited I called my best friend and asked her if he would want to go with me! Obviously she said yes! But the concert was the day before my 18th birthday and also a school night and I didn’t know if my mom or hers would let us go…a couple days before my mom had been asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I didn’t really know what’s wanted so I didn’t answer until I knew EXACTLY what I wanted…a room at MGM Foxwoods the night of the concert! Convincing my mom to let me go wasn’t hard because she lives the casino and she knew I loved 1D! So she said she would as my birthday present! And it was the best birthday as birthday present ever! 

So like a week before the concert the big radio station in CT(kiss 95.7) was doing tons of giveaways to a meet and greet…there was like four different contests that you could enter for too! I call the station about 150 times a day trying to win tickets one after another and I was using two different phones…but no luck..I knew two people who got through and won the meet and greets but they had made plans with other fans to go so I ended up not going to the meet and greet.

The day of the concert finally came and I had soooo many different emotions during the day…EVERYONE knew that i was going and that i was obsessed with them…it was the day before my 18th birthday and the day that my babies were finally going to perform in the same room as me<3 dream come true..me an my friend get out of school early..around 130 so we planned to go home change and leave right then! We were going to snoop around the hotel hallways to see if they were staying overnight but when we got there we asked the lady at the desk if they were staying overnight and she said that they were leaving straight to VA for their next concert right after they finished:( so we ended up staying in the lobby with our bags and pillow pets getting pumped up for the concert while my mom checked us in…right when she was done checking in she walked over to us and said “aren’t those those boys you like?!” (before then she had no idea what they looked like, we had to explain them to her in the car just in cases she saw them! So she could take pics obv!) so I creepily looked around the large pillars in the lobby and low and behold one direction their band managers camera crew and friends came strolling in trough the FRONT DOORS AT 230 IN THE AFTERNOON!! Obviously I let out a fangirl  squeal! I was so scared to go over to them so I took a couple pictures from afar! Then I walked over to them and said “hey guys!” casually shaking like maniac with my bags and pillow pet(named Hazza<3)it was a sight to see..

So Niall and Liam(harry and louis were fooling around with their friends..zayn was back in the uk) came over along with one of the managers and started to talking to us they asked if we were there for the concert an obviously I said yeah, I asked them if they were excited to perform and they said they were but they were more excited to gamble! (In CT you have to be 21 to gamble in a casino because they serve alcohol)I had to let them down and tell them that they had to be 21 to gamble, they were quite upset, turned around and asked paul and some others if it was true, and the manager that was standing there with us said “see guys i told you you had to be 21 but you didnt listen!”…so I asked to take pictures with them but their managers said that they were just trying to figure everything out where they had to go and what not(they had to be at the meet and greet soon) so they couldn’t..so I walked away fangirling shaking and watching old people stare confusingly when about four girls walked through the doors and screamed they met them, talked, and GOT A PICTURE!! With four of the boys so when they were done we went up and asked if we could have a picture  and seeing how those girls just got one they couldn’t say no! So Niall and Liam got a picture with us an they ended up having to go to the meet and greet so we went to our hotel rooms and tweeted, called, facebooked, tumbled, and texted every fan we knew…

We walked to where the meet and greet was hoping to see them again but they obviously went through the back hallways to get into the venue but as we were waiting outside the venue we ended up meeting Chris from Hollywood Ending(they were on Disney channels next big thing) we tried going to their tour bus after the concert but no one was allowed back there! The boys were soooooo sweet, you could tell that they were in a weird mood because zayn wasnt there but they tried to show that it wasnt bothering them but you could tell they missed him. The managers were actually quite rude to my friend, mom and me..all i wanted was to talk to them and take a picture but they thought i was going to like stalk them(in the Foxwoods lobby there is only one exit to get to the hotel rooms and the rest of the hotel, so it looked like we were following them but we were just going to our room)…all in all that was the best birthday present anyone could have asked for! <3 I still talk about it to this day<33333
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I got Ultimate VIP for the One Direction concert on May 29th, 2012 in Toronto at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. 

Here was my Ultimate VIP experience:

I got to the venue with my two other friends, Cristina (who also got ultimate vip), and Candace (who got regular vip) around 12pm (we had to be there by 2:45 according to the itinerary email). At around 2:30pm the line up for VIP began and all the tickets/passes were distributed. We were then taken to the bridge that leads into the venue. We were seated for sound check and the boys performed :) I got front row during soundcheck! After a few songs, the boys joined us in the audience. Liam sat right in front of my friends and I (he sat on the barricade) and held hands with my friend Candace the entire time and my friend Cristina got to ask them a question, which was “Can you do the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap?”. They did the rap and then left to get ready for M&G.

Everyone w/ Ultimate VIPs got escorted to a separate room which was really fancy. A backdrop of One Direction was set up and we all lined up. I talked to Preston Mahone, and I was the only one who recognized him the entire day. The boys came and started to take pics one by one. Before it was our turn, I said hi to Paul :P

When it was our turn, I literally RAN up to them and gave them the biggest and most memorable hug I can ever imagine. I kept telling Zayn he was beautiful LOL. I said “You guys are SO beautiful” before the pic was taken and Zayn smiled and said “thanks babe” and so did Louis. After the pic was taken, I noticed my friend Cristina ask Harry for a kiss. Harry kissed her and I immediately said “CAN I HAVE ONE TOO???” and he then kissed me on the cheek! (You can actually hear it in the video too). WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW IT FELT. His lips were so soft but his face had stubble and it felt very rugged (IT WAS AN AMAZAYN MOMENT). After that I said “Thanks babe” and we left.

To watch the M&G part, watch my video on Youtube!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXmFLY9k5MQ

When I Met Eleanor Calder:

I went to their concert again on May 31st, 2011. I got VIP again. During Up All Night, I had to use the washroom. As I go up the stairs, I notice a girl in a black sweater exit the washroom. I only saw a glimpse of her, but a glimpse was all it took. I knew it was Eleanor in a second. I said, “Eleanor?” and she turned around! I asked for a picture but she didn’t want to and I knew she really didn’t want one. I felt bad because I took one anyways but she moved so its blurry. She was really nice though! She offered me a hug and I asked if she could follow me on Twitter! She said “Of course babe!” then handed me her BlackBerry and let me type in my Twitter name. At this point, 3 or 4 fans saw me talking to Eleanor and wanted to talk to her too. Her keyboard was weird so she had me spell my Twitter name while she typed it out :P Then she said she had to go and left back to her seat. 

To watch me say thanks to Eleanor, watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnZCtlwZHMI


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Hiya! Here’s my story from when I met Niall, 29th of December 2010:

So me and two of my friends love One Direction, we followed them the whole way through X Factor. We’re Irish and live less than an hour away from Mullingar, so of course we were supporting Niall all the way! After X Factor, we watched clips of them playing in different clubs, wishing we could be there. Then, another friend told us she found out Niall would be flying home from Glasgow on the 29th from his friend, Sean. Of course we decided to go up to the airport to try and meet him! I was so nervous as we stood at the gate! We weren’t waiting long when he came through, and we all froze! He went straight to his car, where another small group were waiting, we knew we’d regret it if we didn’t get a picture, so we waited for the other girls to be finished and then asked him, very shyly, for a picture. He complied, of course. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to say! It was all over so fast, but I was delighted that we got pictures, even if we couldn’t think of anything to say! We went into the city afterwards and met up with our friend who told us Niall would be flying in (she didn’t make it to the airport in time). She was friendly with Sean Cullen, so we met up with him and he put her on the phone to Niall! She was nearly in tears! I regret not saying more to Niall when I had the chance, and if I got to meet him again I certainly wouldn’t be as shy!

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  My story started on March 10th, 2012. It was the day after I went to 1D’s concert with BTR. My friends and I went to their hotel and Paul told us to wait across the street, and he would bring the boys out to say hi. So the boys came out and were waving to us all. I was right in the front so I could see them clearly. Then Niall looked right at me and smiled, he then nudged Harry and gestured at me. Harry looked over at me, and started smiling and waving too! After the boys left my friends and I found out where they were going to be next, so we hopped in a cab and went there. Lucky for us there were only 20 other girls there, so Paul said the boys would take pictures with us! Harry’s dad was also there and I hugged him. We ended up waiting for 5 1/2 hours, and finally the boys came out. They were all so happy, and adorable. Harry came right up to me and my friend and we took a picture. Then Harry and I hugged and he said “Bye, thanks babe!”.  
    A couple of days later I found out that the boys were having a signing in Philadelphia. I begged my dad to take me and my friend. He finally agreed. The signing was on a Saturday, but you had to wait in line a couple of days before to get wristbands. So, we left at 2 in the morning, and got there around 4. We finally got our wristbands at about 10. The day before the signing my friend and I went to the mall to get the boys presents. We passed by the store Lids and I had the idea to get the boys customized hats. So, I bought a purple one and got Harry’s name on it, and my friend got a green one with Niall’s name on it. I also bought Harry boxers. The next day my friend and I were so excited to meet the boys. We got up early and drove two hours to get there. We stood in line for soo long, but finally we were led into the room where the boys were sitting. We were really close to the table, when I looked up to see Harry staring at me, and then he remembered me, so he gave me a huge smile and waved at me.  When it was my turn to go up to the table I was nervous, but I was also excited. First was Liam. “Hi Liam!” I said. He smiled at me and said “Hey babe, how are you doing?”  I smiled and said “Great!”. Then Liam winked at me! I said “Liam your twitcam was so cute. You’re so adorable!” he laughed and said “Aw, thanks. High five!” and high fived me. Next was Louis. “Hey Louis!” I said. “Hey babe! How are you doing?” I said “I’m great thanks!” and he said “That’s great, thanks for coming!” Niall was next. “Niall, my mom is from Castlepollard!” I said. He looked up at me. His eyes are so beautiful! “Oh really! What’s her name?” he asked. I laughed. “My mom’s name?” I said. He laughed and said “Yeah.”. I told him my mom’s name and he said “Oh cool.”. I was a little bit confused, but then I went to Zayn. “Hey Zayn!” I said. He smiled and said “Hey babe!”. I then moved onto Harry. “Hey Harry!” I said. “Hey babe!” He said brightly and smiled. “I got you these!” I said handing him the hat and the boxers. When he saw the boxers he laughed, and put them into a box, but he thought the hat was really cool so he put it on. “Wow, thanks so much!” he said. I asked him for a hug and he said sure, but security pushed me away before I could hug him. I was just about to leave when Harry went behind the security guard and said “Sorry about that babe! Thank you! Bye!”. 
  A couple of weeks later I heard the boys were going to be in the city again. So my friends and I went to their hotel. There was a huge mat in the front, that we had to stand behind. After waiting for about an hour, my friend and I walked up to the security guard (who was right next to the door) and asked when the boys would be out. He said that he didn’t know, but at that moment Louis walked out of the hotel! He walked right up to my friend and I and said “Hey guys!” we were in such shock. “Hi Louis!” I finally said. Then the security pulled Louis along, and into a car. A couple of hours later my friend went with some girls into the hotel. I was afraid they were going to get in trouble, so my two friends and I went into the hotel to get them. We got scared though, and ran to the second floor. We were waiting there for a couple of minutes, when all of a sudden Harry turns the corner! We were in such shock. Paul shoved Harry into an elevator, but I said “Bye Harry!”. He leaned over and smiled and said “Bye babe!”. 
  I’m so glad I got to meet the boys! They are all so sweet <3

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i got to go to the set of icarly when 1d was on because i know people who work there. the first day we introduced ourselves and took pictures and i got to watch them rehearse their lines and WMYB. they all shook my hand, hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. i was watching them rehearse and i was sitting next to their manager and i got to know him and he was super nice. in one scene harry has to levee the set and he poked his head back in and he smiled and winked at me. i swear i almost died. anyways, so i watched them rehearse for about and hour then i had to leave. then the second day i went back and i got autographs and i sat down with niall and harry and we talked about normal stuff like my birthday and music and stuff for like an hour. it was so much fun, it was like they were just regular people, they would randomly start singing jessie j a few times. at one point when we asked what they did on their day off (the day before) harry said: u should’ve came and hung out with us yesterday when we went to 6 flags, it would’ve been so much fun! and i said: ya that would’ve been fun. after that i got all their autographs and talked to liam for like 5 min about regular stuff, and he gave me a high-five for having the album! then we talked some more and then a bit later i was outside the set  near their trailer talking to paul and harry came out singing and he leaned me against a wall, put his hand by my head and sang part of “What about now” by Chris Daughtry to me. afterwards he said: that was just for you. we talked more afterwards (me, harry, paul and my cousin) about games and stuff we liked to do. then, i went to wardrobe and harry and niall walked. niall was having shirt problems which resulted in his taking off his shirt and walking over to talk to me while his shirt was being fixed. while this was happening harry was also changing his shirt. i got a really good view of his tattoo btw. after we talked some more in wardrobe the 5 of us (me, harry, niall, cousin and wardrobe person) held hands and kept saying hallelujah and random stuff like that. we left wardrobe because they had to film some more, so i was watching them film and they kept walking by me and we’d smile and say hi to each other. after harry started singing about this inside joke thing, which was really funny. so throughout the day they (mostly harry and niall) would just walk up to us (cousin and i) or we could walk up to them and start a regular conversation. also, they kept singing randomly throughout the day, which was really amazing. overall, i realized they are completely normal people who sing about armpits and being naked. it was honestly such an amazing experience, and i still can’t really believe it. <3 <3 

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23rd December 2011, Up All Night Tour, Manchester Apollo

Me and my best friend Grace got up early and took a long rainy journey to Manchester yey. And then we got there and drove past the venue and there were people waiting outside in the pouring rain:( bless. So we went to a mcdonalds nearby and there were loads of fans in there in 1D tops and onepieces :’) so amazing! I wanted to go up to them all and be like ‘IM ONE OF YOU!!!’ haha. We were soooo excited seeing all the other fans in their and we were all waiting for the show
Anyway we found Eleanor (she’s my cousin) and Danielle inthe venue, and we saw zayn running into the tour bus and louds of people screamed haha. We got wristbands and went into this  family room and there were other people in there like Harry’s stepdad’s family (I think?) and some people that knew Liam’s family, Zayn’s cousins and some others :)

We were beyond excited!!! Then Harry came in wearing a christmas jumper (omg) and I like died. I mean it was Harry, THE Harry that I’d supported since X Factor standing there and the room went all awkward so he was just like ‘Hi everyone’ and got a bottle of water haha. Then people were asking Harry for pictures/autographs So I was waiting for Harry to be free so I could get some stuff signed and get a pic but then Liam came in! I was like ‘Hey Liam, would you mind signing some stuff for me please?’ and he was like ‘Yeah sure’ and signed them and my pen was being dodgy oops :’) then I got a pic with him but it was on video so I had to get another one :’) i was shaking so much he was so lovely and I had no idea what to sa.  then we went to see Harry but he got called out by a security guard and then Louis came in! He was so lovely and I got some things signed and a pic and he trod on Grace’s 1D calendar (oops!) and then I said ‘Louis, do you know if Niall’s coming in soon?’ and he said ‘Yeah he is I told him about you being NomNomNiall and he was like ‘Oh I’ve seen her” and I DIED and we talked to Louis and Eleanor a bit haha theyre so cute. Harry came back and we got some stuff signed and some pics and he was so nice! I got my friend’s t-shirt signed for him and we both held it out to sign it:’) then Zayn came in :) I got some things signed and a photo and he was so nice and whenever I took photos of grace and the boys I was shaking so much :’) zayn didn’t stay for that long but he was still lovely. Then Niall came in and I was like omg omg omg and I got some stuff signed and said ‘Louis says you know my twitter ? NomNomNiall?’ and he smiled and said ‘Yeah, I’ve seen you loads of times!’ and I was dying and said ‘Could you follow me please?’ and we went ‘I already have!’ and I was like wot. ‘Really?’ and he said ‘Yeah I followed you in the dressing room earlier’ and I was like ‘Omg thankyou!’ and then I got a photo with him :’) by now all the boys were gone apart from Niall and Louis and we talked a bit but then they had to go and warm up so they hugged us and Niall said ‘See ya later NomNomNiall!’ omg omg omg it was the best thing ever. I was legit sooo happy like I couldnt believe I’d met them I just wanted to explode fjffjfjfdjfdkjfd
Then we went into the show and it was absoloutely amazing and Niall kept playing air guitar :’) Some fans recognised Eleanor on the way out afterwards and then we went home :) best day of my life words can’t describe it I was so happy :D

They were just so nice and so genuine and everything you’d expect :)

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hello! i went to the 1d and btr concert in albany on february 28th, and i had btr vip passes so i was close to them at the concert(: but before that…i got to meet liam!

it started off with me and 2 of my friends leaving for albany around 4:30 monday afternoon. i live in buffalo ny and don’t have my passport to go to toronto, so albany was my best bet at seeing/meeting the boys. i made all 5 of the boys friendship bracelets; i make them in my spare time so i made these elaborate ones for the boys. i made liam one with toy story aliens, louis had carrots, nialls was the irish flag, harrys had cats, and zayns said vas happenin (keep these in mind later). on our way we ate at a restaurant with huge lampshades (liam reference) and were joking about bringing them to the concert, but that was probably the funnest thing about the drive there. we got to the hotel around 11 and thought they could be staying at our hotel, but we got top floor so that was very unlikely. plus the guy behind the front desk didn’t even know who 1d or btr were. we went to bed around 1ish.

SO THE NEXT MORNING we got up at 9 and ate breakfast then left to creep around 11:30ish. we got to the hotel and ok it was kinda scary cuz we couldnt see any fans from outside so we made this plan where my mom would go “book a room and get info” while we checked it out, and it turned out there were like 15 girls there so it was cool. the guy behind the desk named glenn was soooo nice and sweet and said we could stay down cuz they wanted to meet us :D. the girls who were there before me and my friends apparently got pictures with harry and saw louis, who promised he’d come back down and take pictures but never did. and i think liam walked through for them once too. the elevators kept going to the basement then like the top floor then the 2nd floor and all this crazy stuff so some girls though lou and niall were fucking with us, but i just think people had to go to multiple floors haha.

ok so now the exciting part. basically we sat in the lobby for about 45 minutes on the freaking ground, then liam just casually walks out of an elevator towards us. IT WAS SO WEIRD I DIDNT THINK HE WAS REAL IT’S HONESTLY THE MOST AMAZING FEELING YOU’LL EVER FEEL SEEING ONE DIRECTION IN PERSON FOR THE FIRST TIME. so he was like “ok guys we can take some pictures now” so everyone just came over to him in like a half circle. like i said, there wasn’t a huge amount of people there so it’s not like only a few of us got pictures…we all did. when it was my turn, i was like “hi liam, i made you a bracelet!” and he said that was really nice and i didnt know what to say so i was like “yeah it’s toy story…” and then he said “wow this is great, you’re really good at making these!” so i thanked him and my friend took the picture. people always ask me if he smells good or stuff like that but in all honesty, when you meet them you just forget everything you wanted to say. people also say that he gives the best hugs and rubs your back in pictures, which i think he rubbed my back but again i have no clue. HIS HUGS ARE WONDERFUL THOUGH. then i asked him for a hug and of course he said yes and it was literally perfect and i walked away shaking. actually shaking. then my friends and everyone else got their pic i awkwardly interrupted him before he went to get a room key and asked him if we could take a video of him saying hi to our friend taylor lol. it was awk but he was so sweet. then he came back down like 20 minutes later and went to this back room with a huge window wall and waitresses serving you. he was down there for a while using his phone; i think he was calling danielle and his mom it was adorable. then he came back through and i asked him if he’d take the rest of the bracelets but i dont think he heard me so he just took a couple of pics with girls who came late then went back up to get ready to leave. 

can i just say that liam looks freaking airbrushed in person o my god. and you know how his lips always look really red in pictures? they look like that in person too and o my god i don’t even know he is an actual god like really.

ok so maybe like 10 minutes later some guy (not paul he was skinny and looked italian maybe? i don’t think it was preston either but i’ve seen this guy in other pictures too) came in and said 1D was coming down to leave soon so we had to form a link and give them room, so we did and we went towards the door part of the line (mistake) and waited. we thought that if we were at the end they’d come and talk to us but we were stupid cuz they stopped and took pictures with the people first in line and not in the back. SOME OF THE GIRLS IN THE BEGINNING OF THE LINE GOT PICTURES WITH ALL OF THE BOYS. i’m still grateful, but i just wish we didn’t stand where we did

when they came out o my god prepare your ovaries. harry came out first and I WAS NOT EXPECTING HIM TO BE THAT BEAUTIFUL. HE WAS LITERALLY A SHINING GOD. but his hair looked like an eggplant legit don’t even know. louis looked so tan probably cuz he went tanning lol but i said his name maybe like 8 times and he never came over so i had a big grudge about him for a couple of weeks cuz i was annoyed.

liam was walking with louis and harry and louis got some yorkshire tea from the girls next to be but again didn’t acknowledge my presence -_______- liam waved at us like heyyyyyy!!! i think he remembered me with the bracelets so yeah. harry waved at my friend and said “hi, nice to see you!” so basically she died and i died too cuz he waved in our direction. then since i didnt get louis’ attention i got niall to come over and take the bracelets i made for the boys. i was like “niall, i made bracelets for you guys!” and he said “oh thank you, we’re nice people!!” im pretty sure he said we’re nice people like 6 times when we were in there if you listen to my video haha.

oh and also before he got to me niall was taking a picture and paul tried to get him to walk and he was like “no, i wanna take this picture” SO YEAH GO NIALL YEAH. 

when he was walking away he was examining them and took a few pictures while holding them, and after they left i ran to the window to look at their shuddle car and I SAW HIM LOOKING AT ALL OF THE BRACELETS STILL. I DIED. idk i really think he’s my favorite now and writing this is just convincing me even more. also, his hair is literally white. not blonde, white. it was different, but i liked it. i think he needed a haircut too cuz it was more spiky than usual.

but after niall took the bracelets zayn walked by and we were all like hi zayn!! and he waved and hurried away. but idk i wasnt that upset, i was just kinda suprised at louis. like he always seemed sorta a little less friendly to some fans but i didnt wanna believe it until it happened to me, which sucks. but idk, life goes on.

after they left we had some time to kill so we looked around the capitol buildings and they were gorgeous. then we went to the btr meet&greet…

FIRST OF ALL MY MOM MET KENDALL. LIKE UM. she was walking to our car and passed him without knowing so he said hi to her and she said hi back and was like “my daughters gunna freak out when she hears this!” and he laughed.

when we got to the concert we got our tickets and found out what row we got (since with vip nation you don’t find out till you get there). we found out that we got row 6 which is good for any concert but the seats were close together here so it was more like row 4 or 3 in any other arena so yay! i bought every 1D merch item; a shirt for $35, a bracelet for $5, a signed candid poster pack for $10, and a mega hugeee poster for $10, i didnt get any btr merch but i got a bag, pins, a poster and stickers in my vip bag and thats all i really needed.

in soundcheck we sat in the very back so we’d be last and could talk to the guys, but it turned out they took the back first so we were like 5th lol oops.  in soundcheck they sang covergirl then music sounds better with u and i honestly almost cried at their harmonies in the covergirl chorus. THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. and they answered some fan questions and they were really funny.

then we went to get our pictures and ive met like 20 bands before so i wasnt nervous but my friends were really nervous. MEET AND GREET WAS SO FAST. i hugged everyone besides carlos who of course is now my favorite -____- and then walked away. like i dont even remember what i did during it. i made btr bracelets too & i gave them to their guitarist dustin but i have a feeling they wont even see them ugh so much for all that work.

(also with my bracelets throughout the day…i was so nervous so my hands got clammy so basically all the bracelets - especially harry’s - got gross and moist and it was just really bad. i apologize to both bands lol)

when we were in line for meet and greet 1D’s soundcheck started, but we were in the balcony lobby so we couldnt see them. first they sang use somebody, then moments AND I ALMOST CRIED DURING THAT LITERALLY MOMENTS WAS ON DURING MY BTR PICTURE. PERFECTION. and then they sang more than this and i think that was it.

after that we waited around for a little bit then went in and found our seats. we were not all the way left, but like there’s the left wall then like a little section of maybe 5 chairs in each row? then there’s the eisle and we were on the other side of the eisle. but it was row 6 so not complaining we were so close o my god. and we sat next to this really nice group of girls who were also directioners and rushers so we bonded over both bands and our hatred for psyco directioners in the balcony who sounded drunk lol.

the opening movie clip thing for 1D was amazing and so exciting omg. when they came on stage it was heaven. i want was first and i have a video of it but im jumping in all the choruses so yeah. liam waved, i think harry had my bracelet on, and niall smiled at me. i swear he is in love with me. he looked at me (like a stare into your soul look) like literally 6 times and i would smile all big and he’d smile back. idk i was probably imagining it but he was just a god. zayn waved at me, & harry waved at me and my friend too! and like i said before i tried getting louis’ attention so badly and he just wouldn’t acknowledge anybody. like my other friend who got ultimate vip front row touched everybody in both bands…except louis. 

i had a sign saying INBETWEENERS DANCE GO but then a security guy 1 eisle down yelled at me ew fuck him. so they didnt do inbetweeners):

moments was beautiful. i think up all night and one thing were the funnest songs. AND LOUIS DD THIS WEIRD HALF THRUST THE FIRST TIME HARRY SAID ALL THE WAY THEN IN THE 2ND VERSE HE DID A FULL ONE AND I DIED. niall also jumped and it was the funniest thing i have ever seen before. im kinda sad they didnt sing gotta be you though…like why. wmyb was fun too just cuz everyone knew the words and everyone was jumping and it was so fun. but basically niall horan wants me. even though he doesn’t. BUT I’M CONVINCEDDDD.

we stayed for btr after that and they were really good; all 4 of them waved at me!

i’m just so blessed that i got to meet liam, and even though my story probably isn’t as amazing as others, i’m still so grateful. i have vip tickets to the charlotte north carolina show and really bad tickets to the toronto 31st show, so i’m hoping to meet them again in charlotte and possibly toronto too!

liam saying hi to my friend - http://youtu.be/WLcP3Z0Hi0I

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So here’s how I met the guys of One Direction. It all started when I heard that the guys would be coming to the Mall of America in Minneapolis to do an album signing for the U.S. release of their debut album on Tuesday, March 13. Best Buy at the Mall of America had an event where the first 1,000 people to purchase a copy of their album would also receive a wristband to go to the album signing the next weekend. I really wanted to do it because I thought it would be really cool to meet them- I’ve been following them for quite a while and by their interviews and performances on YouTube, they just seem like such cool guys to meet. Since I’m in college and also since I am male, not very many of my friends are interested in One Direction, since their main demographic is obviously young teenage girls. Fortunately, I found one friend who thought it would be fun to do this, even though she isn’t exactly the biggest of fans. It was a Monday night (thankfully we were on Spring Break at the time) and we got to the Mall of America around 8:30pm because we knew people would be camping out and there were already SO many people in line. But we took our place and we were told by security that there was a pretty good chance that we would make it into the 1,000. We spent the night trying to stay up by playing card games or talking, but ended up just sleeping until the morning when the stores opened. So once 9am hit, we were able to purchase our CDs and get our wristbands, and everything was GREAT! :) The signing was to be held at 1pm on Sunday, March 25 and I was super stoked when that day came. The only thing about Sunday is that the public buses don’t run as frequent as they do on weekdays, which we totally forgot about. We had planned to leave my house around 9:30 but a series of unfortunate events had happened that didn’t let us leave until about 10:45. I was a little worried because it takes a good amount of time to bus and train from my house to the Mall of America, and rules were that doors would close at noon. Thankfully it didn’t take too long, and we got there around 11:25. However, when we got there the line was obviously MASSIVE and had to be cut off into three different sections to accommodate for the structure of the mall. So we ended up being pretty much at the end of the line- there were literally like 15 people behind us by the end of it. I was rather bummed that we were so far back because a) we would have to wait a loooong time to meet them and b) the guys would undoubtedly be exhausted by the time we reach them after signing 1,000+ CDs and posters. It was funny- once the guys arrived around 1, my friend and I thought “Ok, we’ll probably be at the front by 2:30 or so, 3 at the latest.” NOPE. We didn’t reach them until 4:30! We were SO tired. Another bummer was that I had brought silly string for them to play with, but the security took it away:/ But it all ended up being worth it at the end. We were quite excited once we got to the main part of the line. There were SO many loud, screaming girls who didn’t have a wristband who were crowding around the outer levels of the mall. There screams were 5x enhanced each time one of the guys waved to the crowd. CRAZY. Once we were like a row away from being in the front I started hesitating a bit because earlier in the week I had drawn them portraits with pastel and had planned to give it to them (I’m not an art major but I have been told I do pretty good portraits, and I spent a good amount of time on each (aka they weren’t just typical fan art or pencil sketches- like I actually put much detail and effort into it with pastel)) Anyways, I started to doubt myself on whether they were good enough, but I just sucked it up and with the help from my friend, I decided that I definitely was going to give it to them. Anyways, for the good part: The order of the guys at the table were Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, then Niall. So I handed my CD to the head security guy at the table to be passed down and signed by each guy (Liam drew a pot of gold and a rainbow on mine:)) Anyways, the moment has come, so I just got Liam’s attention and gave him my drawing. The only thing was that I had taped a blank piece of paper to the front to prevent the pastel from smudging. So he instinctually went down to go sign it but was confused because it was just a blank piece of paper, so I told him to open it! As he was opening it he probably assumed it would be like a letter or a poster or something, but when he saw it I could see from his face that he was actually amazed by it. He seemed speechless- all he could do was turn to Louis and show him the picture. Louis asked me: “Wow, you actually drew that?” I said yes, and then I was like “Whaddup?! You get one too!” So I handed him his and he had a really big smile on his face and gave me a big THANKS and he showed Zayn the drawing. We all know Zayn is a fellow artist and he seemed rather impressed by my drawings and when I handed him his he said “Whoa, those are really good!” And they all gave my high fives. When I reached Harry in the line, one of the security guards was like “No! Keep the line moving!” And I was wtf?!? Are you serious?! I was just really flustered because I wanted to talk to him but I ended up just setting his picture on the table, and we exchanged smiles. When I got to Niall and handed him his picture he asked “Did you really draw these?” When I said yes he said “Thank you so much for these, they’re amazing!” This made me really happy especially since I was about to chicken out and not give them to them. I was about to end it by giving Niall a high five, but he held out his hand because he wanted to give me a handshake instead. This was literally the coolest thing that has happened to me. All in all, it was just a really great day. Thinking back on it, I’m actually content with the fact that we were so far back in line. Even though we had to wait much longer and the guys were surely more tired, if we were farther up in line we definitely would have been rushed even more. Also, it was nice to interact with them when all the screaming was slightly toned down and it wasn’t AS hectic. The only thing was that I wished I would have talked to them more or had an actual conversation with them. I would have liked to tell them that I was going to be at their concert this summer in Los Angeles. I also would have liked to tell them that even though I go to school in Minnesota, I actually live about 10-15 minutes away from the beach where they shot the music video for What Makes You Beautiful. (The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and especially the sand dunes are my absolute FAVORITE places to be!) Anyways, from meeting them, it was just confirmed to me that even though they are pretty much rock stars now and may or may not have developed egos; they really are genuine, fun, and nice guys. I can’t wait to see if I get to meet them again one day and see if they remember the guy from the Mall of America who gave them the portraits, and to see if they still have them! Hahahaa:) I hope you all get a chance to meet them one day. If/when you do, just try not to be too nervous or scream in their face. I’m sure they appreciate it much more when people are just real and try to converse with them. The people who ran this event asked us to put away cameras and phones once we got up to the actual table but people obviously didn’t listen. I,however, wanted to respect their request and the guys so that’s why I don’t have any close-up or personal pictures/videos with them! P.S. I will not post pictures of the drawings I gave them just for privacy issues and so no one steals them and claims them as theirs or anything messed up like that. But you’re just going to have to take my word for what happened:) -Gabe :)

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Here’s what happened :’) 

It was March 23rd, and a few hours after Niall and Louis followed me. I checked my mentions and someone was like ”Hello, I am the executive producer at much music, please follow me so that I can DM you” something like that, and I was like ‘…………………………………………’ but I followed him. And then he DM’s me saying, 
”MuchMusic is shooting a pilot tv show this Monday 1:15-4pm on super fans. You have to be atleast 14years old to participate. Interested?” And then I answered Yes. And he said:
"Ok. You and your sister need to be at MuchMusic at 1:15pm this Monday. On the John street entrance. Have you been to much before? Also, we need to keep all tv pilots confidential until the get fully completed." 

OKAY. And that’s when stuff got serious. I was like…………the boys are here on monday, and it’s called ”superfan” and they freaking producers DM’ing me asking me to be on it. I fully freaked out. I couldn’t wait freaking 3 days to find out what the hell they were going to do to me. So, at first I was scared and just shocked and so like djfkhjksdhfjkdshfsdjfbsdjkfhsdjkfh. And then, I was like ”but wait, why would the boys come?”

So then, the day came (March 26th) and I woke up at 7am to go hunting the boys down at their hotel. If you had read my tweets, I was crying in front of their hotel sooo much. I had given up on all hope of meeting them. I walked for 3 hours ALONE IN DOWNTOWN in the freezing weather to meet them, and got nothing. So, I’m making my way back to Eaton Centre with tears in my eyes and shaking because I couldn’t meet them. And then, my sister and I get out of Eaton Centre and we run to much music. When we got there, there was about 20 girls and I was like ‘yeah, we’re not meeting them for sure’ and then I realized that everyone was Directioners so I was like ‘ummmm….wtf is going on’ so we all started freaking out and then they took us inside to coat check. 

At coat check, they were like we need 10 girls. And everyone started freaking out, and the women was like ‘no, wait’ And then she was like ‘I need Sibel’ and I was like ‘……………………..WHAT?!’ and I started shaking and I was like ‘what’s going on?! omg, omg, omg, omg,omg, can my sister come to?!’ and I shoved my sister beside me and some dude was like ‘haha yeah sure!’ so then, while the fans were taken into the studio, that same dude took me into another room. And he was like ‘nice to meet you Sibel, I’m ****’ and I was like ‘omg! Finally got to meet you!’ H e was the producer that contacted me! So he was like ‘alright, so just take a deep breathe and come sit down here’ I WAS DIEING. Anyways, so he then goes ‘we’re going to ask you some questions, and then you respond okay?’ and I was like ‘yeah sure!’ so then, he asks me questions about what makes me a ‘superfan’ and stuff and then he asks me the question ”WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU MET THE BOYS RIGHT NOW?!” and I fully just like freaked out cause I was like ‘omfg, what if they pop out of somewhere’ so I started freaking out and telling them how I’d die, and I wouldn’t be able to control myself and stuff and then we had like a little laugh and he was like ”well, i’m going to take you into the studio right now. But there’s a specific spot that’s given to each of you, so you have to stay in that spot!” and I was like ”okay!”

So, at this point I was dieing because everyone was like ”omg, omg, omg what happened? Why were you in there?” and I was like ”I got interviewed…” and then some guy was like ”Sibel, come here” and I go there, and he’s like ”i’m going to have to ask you to put this microphone on your shirt for me” and I look at my sister and give her this ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING” look and she gives me the exact same look. And he tells me that, from now on, EVERY CAMERA MAN can hear what I say. And I was like, oh god. So, there was still like 15 minutes till the filming of the ‘show’ so I was like dieing and like talking soo excitedly, and my sister was like ”sibel, shut up! Everyone can hear you!”And I look at one of the cameraman’s and he’s like laughing at me hahaha xD 

Anyways, so the show’s about to start and they only gave a microphone to 3 people, which I was 1 of them. And they got us to sit on the couches, while everyone else stood behind us. This is when this shit starts okay. This is when it gets exciting. So, they tell us that we just need to answer questions, and tell our Directioner experiences and stuff. So, my friends explain their stories and then Lauren asks me about my twitter and the follows from the boys. You guys don’t even want to know how the hell I explained it. I was basically like ‘djkfhsdjkfkdsfjhsdafjshdjfsd’ so when I tell her about getting the email off a picture which I spent like 4 hours trying to zoom up into so that it’d be clearer, SHE CALLS ME A CREEP. And I’m like ‘nooo! I swear to god, I’m not a creep! *laughs*’ REMEMBER THAT OKAY. JUST REMEMBER. CAUSE IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT.

Anyways, so then we talk a bit more and she goes, okay after commercial break, we’re going to have some Bieber fans come up here! 

It’s after break. We’ve still got our microphones on and we’re still sitting on the chair. But my friend and I were like ‘lol, the boys aren’t coming’ and then Lauren goes ‘we have a surprise for you-’ AND MY FRIEND AND I WERE LIKE ‘OOHH MY GGODDDDD!!’ cause we thought it was the boys and she continued ‘-we have a person who’s experienced being a Directioner’ or something like that, AND ALL OF A FUCKING SUDDEN, THE BOYS POP UP ON THE TV SCREEN. THEY’RE SKYPING WITH US. AND I WAS LITERALLY: ‘DLKFSHDKSJFHKJSDFJVSADJKFHDSAJKFVDSJFASHDKJFVSAJFYKDSJAFGVBSADJFHJSIADHFLJDSFH’ I WAS SCREAMING AND LIKE HYPERVENTALATING AND OMFG. And then, then the boys are there like smiling AND THEN, THE TV GETS CUT OFF. And I just yell ‘NOOO, MY BABIES ARE GONE!’ and I had fully forgotten that we were still on air. And then Lauren was like ”sorry guys, we’re facing some technical difficulties’ and like 2 minutes later THE LIGHTS IN THE ROOM START TO GO ON AND OFF, AND WHEN THEY GO BACK ON, WE ALL LOOK TO OUR LEFT AND A CURTAIN FALLS DOWN. WE ALL LOOK AND SEE THE BOYS STANDING THERE. OKAY. THIS IS UNREAL. ALL 5 OF THEM IN A STRAIGHT LINE. AND MY MICROPHONE ON MY T-SHIRT FELL, AND I ALMOST DROPPED THE MICROPHONE IN MY HAND DOWN ON THE FLOOR, AND I STARTED SCREAMING, AND FREAKING OUT AND OMFG. I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH. LIKE I’M STILL CRYING AND SHAKING WRITTING THIS. BUT I NEED TO CALM DOWN BECAUSE I’M TRYING TO EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED.

So then, Liam starts saying ‘Slow down girls! You guys are going to get hurt! LET US COME TO YOU!’ And so then, everyone goes back to their assigned spots and I’m sitting on that couch thingy. And I just looked at them, all 5 just standing right in front of my looking at me, and i’m like ”OH MY GODDDDD, THEY’RE REALLLLLLLLL” And the boys just started laughing at me but whatever :P hahaha xD So then, they ask the 3 of us to go behind the boys as well, and I saw Harry coming first, so I ran up to him, and just hugged him so tight, and he hugged me so tight to omfg. Best moment of my life, I thought it couldn’t get any better. That hug was so intense…I was like ‘I Love You!’ And hugged me tighter and then, he was like ”are you okay BABE” and I was like ”NOOO” and he kind of giggled, but we were still hugging and then I kind like whispered in his ear, ‘‘Harry, can I have a kiss on the cheek?” and he’s like ”of course babe’ and THEN, WHILE WE’RE STILL HUGGING, HE TURNED HIS FACE AROUND AND KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK. AND THEN, I TURNED MY FACE AND KISSED HIM ON THE CHEEEK. And then, I finally let him go :’) YOU GUYS DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND, THAT HUG WAS LIKE A YEAR LONG HAHA AND HE GIVES THE BEST HUGS IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. AND HIS CHEEKS AND LIPS ARE SO SOFT AND OMFG. I CAN’T BREATHE AGAIN. AND I NEED TO STOP. AND I’M BREATHING. HE GIVES THE BEST KISSES AND HUGS IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. THAT WAS THE LONGEST HUG I’VE EVER HAD. LITERALLY. 

So, then basically I go right behind the boys and they’re all 1cm away from me, but i’m directly behind Harry and Zayn, and I completely forget that THEY AN HEAR EVERYTHING I’M SAYING so, I fully just start fangirling and you just see them like laughing at me but it was so cute omg. And before he started the interview, I was like ‘Hi Zayn! Do you remember me from the email? You followed me on Tuesday!’ and he was like ”yeah I remember you babe!” And in my head, I was thinking ”no you don’t Zayn, stop lieing” BUT REMEMEBER THIS PART OF THE STORY TOO OKAY. CAUSE IT’LL RELATE BACK TO THE ENDING.

So then, I made a complete fool of myself in front of the boys. But like, they were 1cm away from me for an hour. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO TAKE THAT IN?! Anyways, so I’m not going to tell you guys who called in to Skype with the boys and what happened with the cake because I want it to be a surprise :’) But it was the cutest thing ever! So then, during the cake scene, I yelled ‘COOKIE MAN!’ and Liam looked at me with a huge smile on his face :D and I made a joke which made Louis laugh, and look at me with a huge smile on his face as well :D and then I was like ”Really Niall, really?! Hahahaha” and he started giggling, and said ”noo, no one saw that!” Hahaha :’) I don’t know if they caught what he was doing on tape though :P And Zayn, had cake all over his fingers and was asking for a tissue and out of nowhere I was just like ‘I’LL LICK IT OFF FOR YOU.” but like kind whispered it so that only he’d hear and he looked at me and smiled, and then I was like ” YOU CAN ALWAYS WIPE IT ON ME” in a normal voice so everyone heard this time hahaha xD Anyways, so then the boys finish and they’re leaving the stage, and the securities like ‘NO HUGS GIRLS! SORRY!’ and I’ve wanted a Horan Hug for the longest time ever, so I look at Niall in the eyes, and I’m like ”Niall, can I please have a hug?” and he looks at the security, and back at me and hugs me :’) I died okay. That’s 2 out of 5 of the boys. And when they were walking out, I was like ”Bye Zayn!” And I was waving, AND HE TOOK MY HAND AND HE FUCKING HELD IT AND SAID ”bye BABE” I died okay. He looked right into my eyes and said that. It was like he was looking right into my soul. I can’t even. I was trying to get to Louis and Liam, but they were already gone :’( 

ANYWAYSSSSSSSS, so after they got off, EVERYONE IN THE STUDIO FREAKING THE SHIT OUT. Like, you don’t even know how much everyone was freaking out. It was INSANEEE! And then, the producer came up to me, and was like ”so how’d you enjoy it?” and I just literally didn’t have anything to say other then ”CAN I HUG YOU?” and so I hugged him and thanked him for making all my dreams come true and he was like ”come here” so he took me to the couch, and he basically asked me questions about if I thought I was going to meet them today and stuff, and I was in so much shock. And everyone was laughing at me, because while everyone was sitting on the normal couches, I was sitting on the ground in the middle of the studio shocked and like shaking and stuff. And then, all the cameraman’s were all looking at me and laughing and I was just there repeating the words: ”DID THIS JUST HAPPEN?! DID I JUST MEET THE BOYS?!” and in such shock. And then, the producer talked to me, and was like ‘‘do you mind if we come to your house and do a little recording, or like to your school?” and I was like ”my parents aren’t really keen on the idea of people being at my house, but to my school? OF COURSE!” so he was just like ”Okay! We’ll just record some background information and stuff” and I was like ”………………………WTF JUST HAPPENED” 

And yeah :’) So that’s how I met them boys and am 1/3 fans to be interviewed and was able to get my life recorded haha :’) 


That was my story of meeting the boys :’) honestly, no one saw it coming. NO ONE. We all were like ‘mehh, they might show up” but when Lauren said ”bieber fans are next” we’re like yeah there’s no way that they’re showing up. No one told us anything; they said that it was for a test TV show which was going to be aired for the first time if it was successful. 
The boys are the sweetest most down to earth people ever! They love their fans so much, it’s ridiculous. And I can say this because I’ve witnessed it today. 
And I was 1/3 girls who got to sit on the chairs and be interviewed :’) The others were Maddie and Sarah! This was only my experience haha :’) 

The show is going to be aired on April 20th 2012 at 6pm ! :) MAKE SURE TO BE WATCHING CAUSE YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE SEE ME MAKE A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF :D Hahaha :)

—Sibel xx



note: credit also to muchmusic.com for some of the photos!

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It was the 15/3/11 so more than a year ago naw and my Mum entered a competition to win VIP tickets to The X-Factor Tour and surprisingly we won:D! I was a 1D fan then but not as much as I am naw, & So I went there and I met all the 12 finalists and 1D went and met a few people and as soon as they walked in i shouted Niall and he saluted me and then i shouted Liam and he said heyya then they came over and Liam being my favourite i went straight to him and then i said Hello and he said hello and then he said give me a hug darling and so we had a hug and i got his signature and had pictures and ofcourse because it was a year ago I cant remeber asking the other boys for their signatures apart from Harry because my Twin sister asked him to write ‘To Bex’ but Harry wrote ‘To Becs’ and so Bex said no thats not how you spell Bex is B E X so Harry sighed and crossed it out with a massive X and then wrote it properly and gave a sarcastic smile we were all laughing and so was Harry it was hilarious and then We had a picture and Louis kept shouting things and making everyone laugh and it was the best day of my life EVER! I cant remember it very well but what ive told you is the bits i remember! I live in Wales and they never come to Cardiff so its so hard to meet them again):! Here are a few picturess:)! P.s Zayn decided to write 1D underneath his autograph! Dont know why:’)<3


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So in the beginning I didn’t get any tickets to the concert,  my friends Elena, Lisa (+ her mom), Shelley and I went to the shows just in hopes to find them. We planned out to dress like they do in their performance clothes, but girled out. Ex- I was Liam so i wore beige skinny jeans the plaid shirt buttoned up and red pumps… anyways. The first show we went to was the Connecticut one. We live in Boston, so we left around 8 and got there at 10. There was absolutely NO ONE there in the morning. My friend lisa knew the arena pretty well so she took us to where the tour buses were. We started walking up to them, but security kicked us out. We had Lisa’s mom walk up there because it wasn’t sketchy looking. She is a smooth talker and worked her way into where management was. They had a conversation and she explained to them that we had no tickets. One guy told her to meet infront of the arena at 1:30 and he will try to help us out with tickets. So in the mean time, her mom stayed in front of the arena while us girls walked around Foxwoods. We went up this elevator and saw a digital schedule on the wall saying “Popstar Magazine Photoshoot.” Clearly that was for someone famous, so we stayed outside of the room where it said that. All the sudden, Big Time Rush walked out. We met them really quickly whatever. So 1:30 rolls around..we found the guy that said he’d help us out. He eventually gave us all meet and greet passes to the kiss 95.3 or something interview. We walked in, the boys played a few songs and answered questions. I brought twix along with me because i read harry loves them. I got to ask them a question and idc how stupid of a question it was i wanted to give him the candy so i go “What’s your favorite candy winking as i hold up the twix. Niall goes “TWIX! cause you have it in your hand.” So i walk over give it to him woo. We get to take picture with them and harry thanks me for the candy i hug him and melted. The guy that gave us m&g gave us tickets too.he’s legit wicked nice i love him.  So0o0o that day was over!! 

When the boston show rolled around, only my friend Lisa and I could go. It was very last minute but we drove into boston around 3 and stood outside the tourbuses. BTR came out, but 1D never did. We gave up outside there and went to where the ticket box office is. Inside we saw the guy from Connecticut who hooked us up. Right when he had a face on like “omg not u guys again”  but we just smiled and he goes “hang tight i’ll be back for you.”
we waited hours and right before the show started he gave us tickets. We left after 1D played nad went to my car. we parked in a spot where we would be able to follow them to their hotel after. I ran redlights, drove in 1 ways, almost crashed, but so worth it. We get to the hotel and the boys are in the lobby. We talked to them casually and they went up to their room. My friend and I were like lets book a room?! so we met a few more fans and split a room. The hotel was really confusing but there was a wall of windows that people could look at and the window outside of our room happened to be 1D’s window. They kept looking out but didnt wave. My friend was caught at the elevator with Harry and Louis but let them take it alone cause she felt bad. Around 2am they came strolling in the hotel, banging around and what not(Drunk). I was flirting  with harry as he walked in trying to lure him over haha but the bodyguards wouldnt let them do much. So we let them go to their rooms, we were being really respectful of their privacy. We all went to bed and the next morning, sat in the lobby waiting for when they were leaving. my friends decided to stroll around the hotel but i stayed behind. When they went for  a walk they bumped into the boys so i got really jealous and walked by myself. i went to my room and sat outside of it to charge my phone. as im sitting threre i hear a british accent. so i dropped all my shit in the hall and walked slowly to the voice. i open a door to a hallway and ooooo whos that? Harry!!!!!!!! hes talking to some girl and then i started talking to him. the girl walked away and it was just me and him chillen in a hallway. he had her marker but i had no paper or pictures so i said “can you sign my skin?” as i held out my fists haha. i looked down and was like “wait not my hands uhmmm” and opened up my shirt to my chest . he’s like “are you sure you want me to sign there” i was like “yeah totally i have to go to work but whatever” he goes “i dont want you to get fired cause of me!?” i say “screw it if i do you’re worth it ;)” he just laughed..he told me i couldnt take any pictures prob cause he wasnt all dolled up haha but still mighty fine in my eyes..i walked him back to my room and he told me it was nice to meet me. it was so hard not to fan girl but i think i handled it pretty well hahah wish i said more but whatver! ——we checked out of the hotel and the boys finally left too…as harry was leaving he pointed to me and goes “I thought you had to go to work ?” laughing and i was like “not until later!” …they all came out and took pictures with as many as they could. their management is very protective and they are so sweet. liams such a sweetheart management was yelling at the boys to get in the car so they all did but liam he kept taking pictures and obviously i was the one to get cut off so he grabbed my hand and was like “im sorry babe i’ll see you soon though” sooo yeha thats pretty much it now im depressed as shit but so greatful that it happened to me! i met sooo many awesome people that love 1D as well.

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It’s official! The Boys of One Direction are back and despite rumours they had already arrived in Toronto earlier this evening, alas it was an 10:30 PM flight from Minneapolis which would be bestowed the honour of transporting the fab five Brit-Pop Sensations! Count ‘em: Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and HarryFive! 
The Boys are in-town to record a secret Show tomorrow for YTV titled 1-2-1 with One Direction at an undisclosed location before an audience of Contest Winners, in addition to having some interviews lined-up for them with the likes ofEntertainment Tonight Canada. If Toronto weren’t already under the spell of One Direction enough, their two shows at Molson Amphitheatre scheduled for May 29and 31, 2012 which went on-sale Saturday morning, sold-out rapidly. And let’s not even mention those Ultimate VIP Packages including Meet & Greets - at $350 US each - which sold-out even quicker!
Buzz is feverish for the former The X-Factor (UK) Contestants as they are riding on the high of their success with U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number one Disc Up All Night, which just made History as the first time ever a debut Album from a British Band has reached the summit of that Chart in its first week of release! This is only the beginning as One Direction is set to dominate the Airwaves andiPods alike for the next foreseeable bit. 
Despite their Handlers telling a crowd of Fans at Toronto Pearson International Airport, "Walk with us!" as the Band appeared through hidden doors, alas they were unable to stop for Fans. Catching recently-named Lead Vocalist Harry Styles' eye, I asked him for a Photo which he agreed to doing before we got separated. His eyes followed me for a bit before he headed into his Van and another golden opportunity opened-up again for a Photo which he posed for graciously. All smiles!  I appreciate his gesture even more knowing that the Boys greeted almost 10k Fans at the Mall of America earlier today in Bloomington, Minnesota.
Although I had a few Photos ready for the Boys to sign for my Readers, unfortunately it just wasn’t happening and I apologize as I know how passionate some of us Directioners are. One day!

Thanks to MRWILLW for this story!
Check out his awesome Twitter & Blog for some great celeb info!

Source: http://mrwillw.blogspot.ca/
Twitter: @mrwillw

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